We connect the ERP system and the production plant

ERP integration ensures that your process systems automatically interact with the financial, quality and other administrative systems you use in your business.

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How do we help with ERP integration?

We’re on home turf when it comes to ERP integration. We ensure that data flows between the production plant and the ERP system, so that production runs efficiently and the financial follow-up is correct. Our experience and expertise give us the best possible conditions to understand the cross-cutting issues that often need to be addressed when it comes to ERP integration.

We know that describing the requirements of complex automation solutions is a broad discipline. This discipline often requires us to consider the many conditions and conflicting requirements of the many project stakeholders.

At integra2r, we always prepare the system descriptions and requirement specifications necessary to ensure that functions, hardware, and interfaces are well defined and aligned before integration.

Our core competencies in ERP integration

  • ANSI/ISA-95 modelling
  • System architecture and technology
  • Design and implementation of interfaces

Why the ERP system and the production plant must be integrated

The ERP system is the manufacturing company’s administrative IT system that keeps track of the entire supply chain of the company.

By integrating the ERP system with the machines and process equipment in the production plant, we ensure that data flows freely in real-time. This means that data and information are always up-to-date across the organization and that all production planning, execution and follow-up are fact-based.

ERP integration with process consumption data provides better traceability, accurate calculations, fewer stock corrections and better management of material requirements. In other words, robust ERP integration is a must for a modern manufacturing company that wants efficient processes across the entire organisation and an improved bottom line.

Benefits of ERP integration

  • Get financial follow-up on real consumption
  • Get synchronous stocks and fewer stock corrections
  • Achieve optimised traceability


At integra2r, we are certified in the market's strongest system and software platforms

Our certifications are your guarantee that you get the most out of the potential of the individual systems, and that you get solutions that are robust and scalable. At the same time, it means that our consultants do not have to spend time “learning on the job” at your expense.

  • 5AVEVA-certification
  • 5NiceLabel-certification
  • 5TrakSYS™-certification