MES Strategy and Governance

MES Strategy & Governance

With clear direction and good governance, you get MES solutions that support business.

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How do we work with MES strategy?

MES solutions can significantly optimise your production, but to get the most out of MES, it’s important to have an MES strategy in place.

We recognise that the success of automation and IT systems integration is strongly linked to the ability to understand the business processes to be digitalised.

The strategy is an essential tool for realising the desire for digitalisation and, at the same time, balancing the technical solutions against the desire to invest. In other words: the strategy ensures that the budget matches the expectations of the solution and, ultimately, the business objectives.

Our core competencies in MES strategy

  • Alignment with other business strategies
  • Technical concepts and choice of technology
  • Implementation plans and budgets

How do we work with Governance?

Good governance is essential for a managed implementation of the MES strategy. We know that MES solutions have many stakeholders across the organisation and that involving all stakeholders during implementation is critical to the success of MES solutions.

However, MES governance is not only about implementation, but also about further development and improvement, and how the MES system is continuously maintained and cared for to ensure stability and security.

After all, IT solutions need to support the business, and they do that best when all stakeholders work together and have a common direction.

Our core competencies within Governance

  • Roles, responsibilities and organisation
  • Competences and resources
  • Planning, models and templates


At integra2r, we are certified in the market's strongest system and software platforms

Our certifications are your guarantee that you get the most out of the potential of the individual systems, and that you get solutions that are robust and scalable. At the same time, it means that our consultants do not have to spend time “learning on the job” at your expense.

  • 5AVEVA-certification
  • 5NiceLabel-certification
  • 5TrakSYS™-certification