Personnel policy

Personnel policy
integra2r’s most important resource is its employees. It is crucial that integra2r employees feel safe in their jobs, respected and valued by both the customers and the management of integra2r.

All employees are daily ambassadors for integra2r, and it is the behaviour, competence and professionalism of each employee that the company radiates to customers and business partners.

Realization of integra2r’s vision and goals as a flexible and competent partner requires that integra2r’s employees are at the forefront of developments in our business and service areas.

integra2r’s management must continuously encourage and support employees’ personal and professional development through varied tasks, personal coaching, and further training.

The management must continuously ensure that integra2r’s employees feel satisfaction and pride in the tasks that integra2r performs.

Management must continually assess whether integra2r’s employees are taking care of themselves and their co-workers, so that each employee can deal with unpleasant experiences and alleviate stressful working conditions.

All employees must contribute to an informal, honest and open dialogue within the company, and employees have both the opportunity and the duty to influence the development of integra2r’s corporate culture, business areas, services and working methods.

Communication with customers and dialogue in the customer’s presence must be characterized by a commitment to solving our tasks optimally and understanding the multidisciplinary considerations in the customer’s decision-making process.