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We specialize in MES solutions that optimize manufacturing businesses to run efficiently and realize their full potential.
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How do we help with production optimization?

Optimising manufacturing businesses is deep in our DNA as MES consultants.

MES is the obvious core of a complete and fully integrated production IT setup, covering all production processes, from receipt of goods to dispatch. Based on MES, therefore, we help manufacturing companies reach their full production potential.

Whether increasing productivity, reducing lead times or reducing errors and rejects, we can help. We can assist in preparing analyses and proposed solutions, which we can then help implement. Of course, we make sure that the solution is fully implemented in the organisation before letting go of the task.

We can build a robust bridge between the ERP system and the PLC systems with an MES solution. This enables the best use of production capacity, and your business can make fact-based decisions through real-time data.

We are certified partners in the MES platforms from AVEVA (formerly known as Wonderware) and TrakSYS™ from Parsec. This is our guarantee that you get a robust and scalable MES solution of the highest quality.

Our core competences in production optimization

  • Production planning (retail)
  • Batch/order execution
  • Handling manual workflows
  • Quality and SPC
  • Stop time and stop event recording (OEE)
  • Materialeverifikation
  • Material verification
  • Traceability
  • Visualization

Benefits of optimized production:

An optimized production line often equals a more solid bottom line. With a robust and scalable MES solution, we can ensure that data flows freely between the ERP and PLC systems. It gives production staff access to real-time data they can act on, ultimately helping to improve the performance and quality of the production line.

  • Less waste means optimized use of materials
  • More up-time ensures optimized use of equipment
  • Visibility of bottlenecks
  • No manual data processing
  • Better traceability
  • Greater uniformity


At integra2r, we are certified in the market's strongest system and software platforms

Our certifications are your guarantee that you get the most out of the potential of the individual systems, and that you get solutions that are robust and scalable. At the same time, it means that our consultants do not have to spend time “learning on the job” at your expense.

  • 5AVEVA-certification
  • 5NiceLabel-certification
  • 5TrakSYS™-certification