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Picca Automation A/S

Leif Krog Jensen
Project Manager & Partner

“Working with integra2r ensures that we can bid on large projects where we have to deliver the whole package – i.e., SCADA, PLC and MES, where MES is the portion that integra2r solves for us. They work professionally and they know their stuff.

The cooperation works super well – both in terms of sales and execution of the tasks.

I think that they are among the best in the field of MES, which is also what I hear in the industry. There are others who can provide similar services, but they are not as specialised as integra2r.

integra2r’s clear strength is that they focus on MES and not the entire automation pyramid. So, they stick to being really good at MES and associated tools. In addition, I think they are good at analysing business data flows and being the architects behind projects.

There is no doubt that we recommend integra2r – especially within the area of MES.”

CGI Danmark

Kim Visby, CGI Danmark
Director, PROCOS & MES

“We work with integra2r in several ways. We use them both for services on specific tasks and for their 24/7 support.

I see integra2r very much as a partner, rather than a supplier, as they also take responsibility for the tasks and do not just work on the principle of hours spent times the hourly rate. We have mutual cooperation where both parties help each other.

Niels has a good team, which is very competent. We use them primarily within the Wonderware platform, where we believe they are among the leading companies in the country.

We also appreciate that we can offer 24/7 support within Wonderware in cooperation with integra2r, as we have customers who want this support. It is also of particular importance that we offer support in Danish for some customers.

I highly recommend integra2r as an implementation partner for MES projects. They work professionally and the teamwork is very good.”

Emydex Technology Ltd

David McMahon

“We have been teaming up with integra2r since 2019 and we intend to continue to do so!

Integra2r has extensive technical knowledge within MES, and they complement our own skills very well. In addition, integra2r always approaches every task or project with great professionalism and the collaboration flows naturally and effortlessly.

In addition to their technical ingenuity, they also have a strong business understanding of the digitalisation processes in manufacturing companies. This means that we can always be sure that the projects are successful and align with the business goals.”


Arne Svendsen
Senior Consultant


Integra2r is a reliable supplier, and when we work in MES, they have a unique position in the market. This is because they have assembled a team of very many specialists in MES, in which they are very professional.

I could choose some of the larger automation houses when faced with a task, but for tasks specifically within the area of MES, there are perhaps only five people here who have the skills, whereas, at integra2r, there are 20 specialists. In other words, there are not many companies in Denmark that have such extensive overall competence in the area of MES.

For me, integra2r’s clear strength is that they are good at understanding companies’ needs and translating this into concrete solutions within their core area. In addition, they speak the customer’s language and deliver at a high level.

In our collaboration, I often have the role of technical project manager or advisor, where integra2r takes on the execution part. They are responsible for the design, programming, testing and commissioning of the solution.

I would definitely recommend others to use integra2r, especially when it comes to tasks that lie between companies’ ERP system and PLC automation.”