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Verification of Packaging

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Verification of Packaging
  For many manufacturing companies the complexity of packaging composition is growing and very customer-dependent. Wrong composition may be causing the return or recall of products.

integra2r has developed solutions for verifying the composition of the packaging to ensure that it is the correct combination of cup, glass lid, wafer, posts, etc. used in the actual production order.

The solution includes distribution of ERP Master Data for the order to bar code scanners, video cameras, barcode quality meters and other types of equipment enabling online control for every piece of packaging against the information provided by the ERP system bill of materials.

The automatic verification of packaging replaces all manual controls and integrates with both the ERP system and PLC control systems for packaging and transport facilities. The solution can be extended with data history for good / bad items, as well as warnings about the need to replace the printer toner and labels.