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Manufacturing Intelligence

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Manufacturing Intelligence
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  We can assist with all or part of the traditional palette of exercises within production reporting (manufacturing intelligence).

We have extensive experience with collecting and structuring data in accordance with international standards, and we can offer solutions for all aspects of visualisation and communication of information across the enterprise organisation.

integra2rs experience with data management in industrial environments ensures that your production data becomes valuable information about production processes, and our experience with continuous improvement can ensure that your organisation will have incorporated routines and procedures for the application of this knowledge for continuous improvement.

We work with tasks in small and large scale and provide solutions for reporting of production on individual lines and up to data warehouse solutions with data linkage for multiple production sites.

Working with production reporting (manufacturing intelligence) is typically a cross-organisational task that can be addressed with the following main activities:

Data collection - where data from multiple sources are collected and stored in systems and databases.
Structuring of data – which create order out of chaos and data becomes information.
Analysis – where information becomes knowledge.
Visualisation – where this knowledge is presented and can create value if used properly.
Communication – where the relationship with the company's other IT systems is ensured.