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  The success of automation and integration of IT systems is strongly linked to the ability to comprehend and understand the workflows and business processes that are to be automated.

This is also evident in industrial environments where complexity often increases tensions between different stakeholders' contributions to a company's production processes. The main contribution to the integration of the company's production processes with the rest of the organisation is that production data are available for all relevant employees and managers.

Our experience and expertise give us the best conditions to understand the cross-cutting issues that must be addressed when companies want to integrate their automation systems with their administrative IT (ERP) in order to be able to act and optimise the real-time data and online information across the organisation.

integra2r is known to have deep and long-standing knowledge of our customers' business processes and system contexts, and we are making a virtue of maintaining this knowledge, so that we can help with optimising approaches to work processes and product flow.